Love is an Ocean, I can’t Forget

Woke up grateful for all thirty-one days in August, holding on a little longer to summer, listening to the latest Arcade Fire album, getting a last look at the leaves before they turn all marvelous orange.  The last two weeks brought me to oceans on the West and oceans on the East.  And they are far apart.  And they are both compelling.  And I have a foot on and a heart in each.

I always find a favorite read in Berkeley’s bookshops.  This one is called  Poetry in Person, edited by Alexander Neaubauer, and it captures conversations between Pearl London and dozens of poets, from interviews conducted at The New School between 1973 – 1996.  It is full of meaty details about process, person, and being a writer (poet) in the world.

I’d also suggest going to see The Tillman Story, Amir Bar Lev’s documentary about former Arizona football star turned lionized war hero Pat Tillman.  I found myself equally intrigued by the strong and quirky Tillman clan and the sad shocking cover up surrounding the details of Pat’s fratricide.  (I will admit that a film dealing with football and war did not initially appeal, but this surprised me and it is definitely worth seeing:

Well, here’s to summer.  Caught some cold weather in California and some rain in New Jersey.   Saw some beautiful things in between.


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