Birchrunville, PA

PB020044Thanks to the affordable Bolt bus I was able to make a spontaneous one-day trip to Philadelphia — then head west of the city to my parents home in the idyllic town of Birchrunville.  It’s impossible not to feel time slowing on the front porch of their stone farmhouse.  Here’s to the brightness as the sun sets over the barn across the road:

PB020076I stocked up on beeswax for winter sculpting from the Seven Stars shop (housed behind this beautiful tree)

and made my way to Kimberton Whole Foods, which we still call by it’s old title “The Farm Store,” and where, summers, I used to work the cash register and stock boysenberry spritzers.


New York feels like home heading into my 9th year here, but what a place to be able to return to.




2 thoughts on “Birchrunville, PA

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Great pictures, Alana. I’ve always thought Esso had a classic logo, a fine bit of commercial art, and the corrosion just makes it handsomer.

  2. Sandra says:

    Alana! I found this google-stalking you after your times piece on the food co-op. Remember me? Nesiya? Lovely article, pictures, etc.

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